About Earthtones

We aim to build a more nature-based and harmonious world.

Our Purpose

We’re in business to change our relationship to the natural world. To use travel as a tool that enriches eyes with newfound perspectives, fosters reverence for the natural world, and seeds stewards driven to heal our relationship with our home planet.

The problem

Our modern, technology-driven culture has completely disconnected us from nature. We are isolated from the rest of life.

Our vision

We can rediscover our innate connection to the natural world. We can change our destructive behaviour. A more beautiful and sustainable world is possible.

Our solution

We facilitate meaningful, nature-based experiences: co-designed to celebrate and add value to local communities... and to inspire stewardship in travellers through deep connection.

Our Model

We are developing a global community of mindful travellers and local stewards dedicated to protecting the land and celebrating and revitalizing cultural heritage. We inspire travellers with unique experiences while empowering local communities with regenerative resources.

Our Partners

Our partners are locally-owned and operated hospitality businesses. We select them on the basis of their commitment to conservation and to offering sensational, immersive experiences among the great outdoors.

Our Experiences

Activated through AI and curated by a one-of-its-kind personal concierge, our experiences are designed to match the specific interests of a variegated audience of nature lovers.

Regenerative Resources

Everything we do is aimed at creating innovative models for local projects and communities to thrive, such that are non-extractive and regenerative in essence.

Out Method

How we inspire Adventure and curate personalised experiences - the secret ingredients that set us apart from any other travel company out there:

Machine-learning technologies

Our IT team is dedicated to developing algorithms and machine-learning technologies to help both our travellers find the perfect experiences based on their travel style, and our local partners customise itineraries in the most efficient, flawless way.

Top-notch concierge

As much as we love technology, we love the human touch even more. Our international team brings over 50 years of combined experience in adventure & responsible tourism. Available 24/7, we are either connecting with you or connecting with Nature.


To give Voice is to give Power. We collect the stories of extraordinary people and meaningful projects from the most remote corners of Earth, then we share them across the seven seas so they can inspire millions more.

Out Impact

Our ABC to ensure that every trip booked with us has a positive impact:

Allocate 5% locally

We directly invest 5% of all trip revenues in social and environmental projects where we operate, through the Earthtones Foundation.


As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), we are legally required to serve the public good and account for our public impact.

Carbon positive

We fund local carbon initiatives that remove from the atmosphere at least 2 times the CO2 that our trips emit.

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